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Eating Local Farm Goods

This is a local farmers market that I always go to on Sunday mornings.

Credit to Julie from Savvy Eat for this idea! Julie is a blogger who documents her cycling experience, eating healthy and locally. She has taught me so much about the science behind our food. So, for today I'm going to share you with some ideas that Julie Introduced me to and how to eat locally and seasonally. 

1. "Try to eat local produce as much as possible because the more quickly you get your fruits and vegetables after they are harvested, the more nutrients they retain" - Julie. I agree and also, just by eating locally you are supporting these small businesses.

2. You can actually save money, too! Before you buy anything at the first stand, walk around the whole farmers market and search for deals. That's the way to buy shop smart and look only for what you need! But okay, with one exception - try one vegetable or cheese you've never had in your life.

3. Be adventurous! Go to a U Pick Farm and pick your own fruits and/or vegetables! This would be a fun date with friends and someone special. It's affordable, all you need to do is bring your own lunch and just pay for the produce that you picked. For locations, check

4. Join CSA - Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, that means you have a local farm that is supported by community members who purchase a “share.”  Typically, shares are picked up weekly and contain a variety of fruits and vegetables. You get organic produce without the big price tag. By being a CSA costumer, it really forces you to cook out of your comfort zone. It's makes a fun and challenging experience! Check out and search for a local farmer's site. Ask questions about their produce, when you can you receive your goods (weekly or biweekley..?)and check to see how much it costs. 

5. Start your own little garden. If you are concerned about your gardening abilities, start off with just a plant or two. Perhaps a basil plant in a small pot by your kitchen window? It's easy to remember to water them when they're right there. :P That's what I do because I'm so busy with school and working, I simply can't carry any more responsibilities.

 Do you have any favorite tips for eating locally?

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